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Puppytropolis is your resource for puppy and dog informationYour Resource for Puppy and Dog Information

What is it about dogs that inspires such love and devotion? Is it the happy wag of their tail as they rush to greet you at the door like you’re the biggest superstar in the world? There are millions of reasons to love dogs and we owe it to them to give them the best care we can.

Puppytropolis is a resource website and guide to help you raise a happy and healthy puppy. We have informative articles, guides and even some fun stuff to help you with training, health care, feeding and general care of your new best friend!

Are You Ready for a Puppy?Are you ready for a puppy?

Puppies are fun, cuddly and oh-so-adorable. They are also little manic fireballs of destructive energy.

Don’t buy or adopt your puppy until you read our section on Getting a Puppy. Find out what’s involved with raising a puppy and how to survive.

Is something wrong with my puppy?Is Something Wrong with My Puppy?

With a new puppy comes lots of unexpected things, especially if you’ve never owned a puppy before. Or even if it’s been awhile since you’ve raised a puppy. Worried about something your puppy is doing – or not doing? Read our guide to find out what’s perfectly normal and when it’s something more serious.

Preparing for Puppy to Come Home

You’ve picked out your new best friend, now what? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Check out our guide to preparing for your new puppy. It has the things you need to get and how to prep your house before puppy arrives.

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