About Us

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About Us Rufus the Puppytropolis mascot
Hi! I’m Rufus, the Puppytropolis mascot.

Puppytropolis was launched in 2008 and was designed to educate potential puppy owners of what to expect with puppy ownership. As your pup grows and matures, we hope to continue to be a useful resource and information point for your dog related questions through all life stages.

Before I purchased my pup, I spent countless hours reading, researching and asking questions. It almost seemed like the more I found out, the less I felt I knew. I spent the better part of a year researching dogs before I got my girl and have diligently continued to research all areas having to do with dogs from training, behavior, health care, feeding and socialization. I figured that there would be many others just like me, who were relatively clueless about the world of puppy ownership, so I decided to share my knowledge with anyone who is interested in reading.


Why Puppytropolis Exists

Our goal is to educate people so that we can reduce the number of unwanted and abandoned pets. So many people buy a puppy on a whim. But once they get puppy home, they find it overwhelming, it requires too much time and has become an annoyance. In frustration, they give it up. Within North America, the situation has reached a crisis level for dogs (and cats as well). Millions of dogs are bred each year while just as many are euthanized because they don’t have homes. Knowledge is a powerful thing and together, if everyone does a small part, we can make a huge difference.


Our Inspiration

Introducing Moonlit’s Queen Isabella, normally referred to as Izzy, but aka Schmelle or Schmelle Belle… The Drama Queen… Wolf Baby… Dog Thing… Rotten Dog… Short Furry Kid… and Sweet Pea. Yes, we have about a hundred different names for our girl. She is the reason this site began.

Moonlit's Queen Isabella at 9 weeks old
Moonlit’s Queen Isabella at 9 weeks old


About Izzy

Izzy, is a gorgeous, beautifully tempered, mostly-well behaved, yellow English-style Labrador Retriever, from Moonlit Labradors, just outside of Buffalo, New York. Moonlit Labradors has produced some of the most gorgeous dogs I have ever seen. She comes from a long line of Champions and show breeding stock. She was almost a show dog herself, but was narrowly beat out by her sister and litter mate, Vogue. So these days, she spends her time as a pampered pet and frequent victim of terror, inflicted by her teenage “flesh” brother, Brendan. But don’t worry, she loves it, she always seeks him out for more. The two of them together enjoy causing havoc in the house, much to my chagrin.

Her whelp date was January 10, 2008 and came from a litter of nine, six girls and three boys. She is an extremely playful pup, full of life and energy, yet when we need her to be, she is perfectly calm and loves to sit at our feet chewing on a bone or toy. In true Labrador fashion, she finds food like a heat seeking missile. She can hear the opening of a package or bag from the next town over and comes bounding into the kitchen in the hopes that she will be fed some of whatever it is. In fact, while I’m preparing dinner, her usual post is right beside the island, in front of the stove. I’m sure she’s there hoping something will fall from the cutting board!

Izzy loves her treats and enjoys training sessions, doing tricks and romping around in the grass. She also loves children. They absolutely fascinate her and they are just the right height for kissing. And she has to lick anything that gets near her mouth. Various objects I’ve held at Izzy level, such as books or newspaper have been frequent victims of “walk-by lickings”! She also loves to curl up on her day bed in the family room and spend countless hours gnawing on a good smoked marrow bone.

Izzy as an adult.
Izzy as an adult.

Thanks for visiting! We hope you find this site informative and entertaining. Please check back often as we are continually updating our information. Wishing you lots of puppy love!

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