Puppy Mills – What You Can Do

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Help put an end to puppy mills.
Puppy mills – what you can do. Education is the key to putting an end to the horrible practice.

Puppy Mills – What You Can Do

Putting an end to puppy mills is all about education. By spreading the word, you can do your part to help see that this horrible practice comes to an end.

Never buy your pup from a pet store.

Don’t buy your pet supplies from pet stores that sell puppies.

Be wary of buying puppies off the internet, at flea markets, in classified ads or places such as Craigslist or Kijiji. Puppy Mills use these methods to portray themselves as caring, loving breeders selling pups that have been raised in their homes with their families.

Spread the word about pet store puppies – tell everyone you know who may be thinking of purchasing a puppy not to buy from a pet store.

If you have a website or your own personal webpage, add a Stop Puppy Mills banner to show your support.

Make a donation to your local animal shelter, humane society or another group actively working to ban puppy mills.

Contact your local government officials and politicians to lobby for better animal protection laws.


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