Where to Get Your Puppy

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Where to get your puppy
Where should you get your puppy? Don’t ever buy your puppy from a pet store.

Okay, so exactly where should you get your puppy? You might have heard that you shouldn’t buy a puppy from a pet store. If you’ve read previous pages of the Puppytropolis website, we’ve definitely told you that. There are lots of places to get a puppy from your local flea market to people selling them in the paper. But not all of these places are good places.

So many people purchase a puppy on impulse, only to find out the hard way how much time and effort they require. We’re here to take the mystery out of puppy ownership including where to get your puppy. Our goal is for you to have a long and happy relationship with your new canine best friend!

Every year millions of dogs are euthanized simply because they are not wanted. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them other than they don’t have a home and somebody to look after them.


Adopting Your New Puppy

Consider adopting your puppy from the humane society, animal rescue or local animal shelter. There are also many websites that assist with finding homes for animals that are in danger of being destroyed. Ideally, this is the best solution to obtaining your new best friend. You will be able to find almost any breed you are looking for and more often than not, you’ll be able to find a purebred dog in your chosen breed. And yes, they do have puppies. Adopting in this manner is also the least expensive method of getting your puppy and you’ll be saving a life.


Getting Your Puppy Through a Breeder

If you decide to go the breeder route, make sure you find yourself a reputable breeder. Your breeder should have been in the breeding business many years and be completely familiar with the breed they are working with. Ideally, a good breeder should be working with no more than two different breeds. If you find a breeder that carries many different breeds of pups, warning bells should go off. Be careful, do your homework and check the breeder out thoroughly. A good breeder does not breed animals for the money, but for the betterment of the breed. They will have spent time researching bloodlines and their animals will have gone through genetic testing. They will only breed animals that exemplify the breed standard. You will end up paying more, but a good breeder will stand behind their animals for health and temperament. Many will insist that if for whatever reason you need to give up your dog, you must either give it back to them or they must have a say in where it is being placed.

Find out more about choosing a breeder here.


Don't buy your puppy from a pet store


Never Buy Your Puppy From a Pet Store

Those puppies in the store window are so cute and adorable. And they look sad. Their eyes practically beg to you to take them home. But resist all temptation to purchase your puppy from a pet store. Not only are they usually ridiculously overpriced, you are buying a puppy mill puppy. Puppy mill puppies often have hereditary genetic issues, heath problems and behavior problems.

If you ask them, they will more than likely tell you they get their puppies from breeders, however no reputable breeder would ever give their puppies to a pet store to sell. Legitimate breeders want to know the kind of homes their puppies are going to. Pet stores do no vetting or checks on anyone who walks in and is willing to pay their often astronomical prices for a puppy.

Pet stores will also give you papers for your puppy, but having purebred papers doesn’t mean anything. The fact that the puppy is registered is not an indication that you are getting a quality puppy.

It may feel sad and cruel to leave the puppy in the pet store – yes, that poor puppy needs a good home too – but by purchasing your puppy there, you are maintaining a cycle of abuse of animals. See the pages on Puppy Mills and The Dog Crisis in North America for further information.