Is Something Wrong with my Puppy?

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Is something wrong with puppy
Puppies do many things that can cause a first time puppy owner to wonder if there is something wrong with puppy.

There are many things puppies do that might cause you to think something is wrong with your puppy. This section addresses all the little things about puppies that are perfectly normal, but if you’ve never owned a puppy before, you may be wondering if something is wrong. Don’t worry or panic, read on!

Puppy Sleeps a lot

Puppies sleep a lot, so don’t be surprised if your puppy seems to sleep most of the time. Your pup is growing rapidly and needs to sleep to facilitate growth, just as human babies do. Puppies typically have intense bursts of energy where they can run around like little maniacs, but then will tire themselves out quite quickly and have to nap. It is not uncommon for pups to sleep 18 – 20 hours per day.


Puppy is Not Eating

When you first bring puppy home, don’t be surprised if she eats very little or not at all. She has been displaced from everything familiar to her, so it’s normal for her system to be off from the stress. Within a few days, once she has settled into her new environment, she should be eating normally. As long as she is drinking, even if it is little sips of water and going to the bathroom, there is nothing to worry about. She will eat when she is ready.


Puppy is Breathing Fast

You may find that your puppy breathes very fast especially when at rest or sleeping. This is completely normal. As she gets older, her breathing will come down to a slower, more normal pace.


Puppy has a Fast Heartbeat

Young pups have very fast heartbeats, it is nothing to worry about. As your pup grows, her heartbeat will slow down. The same thing happens with human babies.


Puppy Has Hiccups Often

All puppies get hiccups frequently, sometimes several times per day. It is the result of an immature digestive system and will stop as your puppy grows and her digestive system matures. There isn’t anything you can do to cure them and they don’t hurt your pup. They will go away on their own.


Puppy is Howling and/or Whining

You may find that your pup will howl or whine excessively for no reason. Howling is used by wolves and dogs to communicate and locate other members of the pack. A young pup uses this to signal that they have been left behind and someone should come find her. Remember your pup has been separated from the rest of her pack and she doesn’t quite realize yet that she isn’t lost. As she becomes comfortable with her surroundings and her new “pack”, this will stop.


Little Barks and Twitching While Sleeping

While your dog is sleeping, you may see that she is twitching or her paws are moving furiously. She may also give little tiny barks. Nothing to worry about, she’s only dreaming. Most dogs at some point will do this when sleeping and will stop within a short period of time. Don’t wake her, you’ll startle or scare her and she may snap at you in fear. Just leave her to dream, she’s fine.